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Internet is playing a very important role to connect people. Now you can keep yourself connected to your loved ones. Science and technology has brought revolution in the world of communication. Now you can convey any message to anyone without any trouble. The trend of bulk SMS is not very old, but it is the continuity of ancient way of messages. In ancient times, kings send messages to other kings through their servants, they send many servants at the same time with same message to different kings and countries. Now, we are not in that Stone Age, we are living in digital world where sending message is very easy and quick.
If you are running some organization, or you are a head of some project, or you are working in some advertising company; you have to send same message to many people at the same time, it is difficult for you to individually send SMS. There are many online services and software which can help you to perform your duty well and to deliver bulk SMS at the same time. Different people are now in this business from all over the world. Bulk SMS services are helping people to boost up their business as well as to deliver important message to many people at the same time. For example, my younger sister is studying in a college where she has provided my father’s phone number with reference to contact details. They update my father about events and vacations by sending SMS. It does not mean that they individually send SMS to all parents. Instead they are using some bulk SMS services, and send same SMS to all.
There are many Bulk SMS aggregators India, which are providing different bulk SMS packs and acting as Bulk SMS gateways provider in India. One of the popular names for bulk SMS services is , The Agent
We are The Agent, and we ensure that we will provide you best services with best quality. Our company, The Agent is leading bulk SMS aggregator in India and acting as a Bulk SMS gateway provider in India. We have 6 offices in India, and 200 plus resellers. Our strength is just because of our clients; we respect our clients and care about their feasibility, so we have almost 2200 plus clients. You can estimate about our services by the fact that we have delivered about 100Cr SMS till now.
The Agent offer different Bulk SMS packs and you can choose one according to your budget and requirements. Offering three types of Bulk SMS packs :-














































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